University Townhomes Tenant Move-In Video

This video gives some brief descriptions on the operation of the rental unit.  You must take the time to review the 7 minute video so that you are oriented with some of the features and operation of items in your rental unit.  Reminder:  Please use the “contact us” link when you login to your Tenant Portal to file work orders for repair items in your unit. Please Bookmark that Portal Page so you can easily access it in the future.


Transcript of video……

  • This is the Tenant Meeting Video for University Townhomes in Kent, Ohio, developed by and for TPM Management, Inc owned and operated properties. The intention of this video is to familiarize tenants with the general operation of the rental unit and some tips and tricks that may save you having to place a service call to the maintenance department. This information will be very useful for all types of apartments and houses you may occupy in the future so please take the time to watch this carefully.
  • We will start with the main circuit breaker box and power disconnect for the unit. An appliance or outlet not working.  The cause could be a circuit breaker was tripped.  Don’t assume the appliance or device you plugged in is bad.  The main circuit breaker box is located near the front door.  Each individual circuit breaker shuts power off to different outlets around the townhome.  IF one of them is tripped, it will be loose, or slightly drawn to the outside.  It won’t be inline with the others.  Just reset the circuit by clicking it forward and then back in line with the others.   If there is an electrical fire on one of your outlets or you need to kill power to the townhomes, hit the main power shut off to the unit, located as the big lever at the top of the breaker box.
  • There are also local GFI circuits near every water source. These act as local cutoffs to your electric and may occasionally need reset.  For Outlets in your kitchen or bathroom not working, this is likely the issue.  A simple push of the button on the outlet will reset those outlets.  Please note that a single GFI outlet with the local reset may control other outlets in the general area.  For example, the GFI in the kitchen controls all the outlets in the kitchen.  Same with the bathrooms, the GFI in the bathroom controls the outlet in the other bathroom also.
  • Next we move to the furnace room. Do NOT store anything in the furnace room.  It needs to be clear of any items as it needs proper ventilation.  It is dangerous to store anything  in the furnace room.  The furnace has a kill switch on the wall next to the light switch in that room.  If you turn off the wrong switch, your furnace, which controls heating and cooling, will not work.  If your heating or cooling is not working, this is the first thing you should check.  Someone may have accidently hit the wrong switch in the furnace room.
  • Operation of the Thermostat: You must leave the thermostat on AUTO.  That allows it to control whether to continue to run on Cooling or heating to get to your desired temperature.  Set the desired temperature, set heat or cool, and leave on auto.  Disregard the Filter indicator notification as that flashes every 30 days to remind us that a filter needs changed.  However, we use 90 day filters that we change regularly. Never set the thermostat below 68 degrees or above 72.  When you leave for an extended period of time over the winter, you should turn the heat down to 65 degrees but leave it on AUTO.  Do not turn it to OFF as that may cause pipes to freeze and extensive water damage.
  • Got a leak or major drip on a faucet. Local water turn offs are located at every water source.  Sinks, toilets, washing machines all have a local turn off to prevent water damage in case of a leak or broken hose.  Also, if there is a major water issue that may cause damage to the unit and your belongings, the main shut off to the unit is located in the furnace room.  Find the water meter next to the furnace and turn the knob clockwise. This will turn the water off to the entire unit.   Of course, you will contact maintenance thru a work order, or call the emergency line if this is the case.
  • The laundry room washer and dryer: make sure you empty the lint trap after every drier load. Failure to do so will cause the drier to fail.  Do not overload either of them as this will also cause many issues.  Misuse can cause some unneeded billable charges to tenants.
  • Please make sure you keep the exterior of the unit clean and all outside lawn furniture removed when not in use. You are responsible for both the front and back yards of your units cleanliness. This is a high density residential housing and the damage/danger potential prohibits open fires in the complex.  Fire cages/rings are not allowed.
  • Your unit is equipped with smoke detectors in every room, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers on every level. Safety is our number one priority.  Please do not disable any of these devices and test the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors often.  We do semi-annual safety inspections and disabling of smoke detectors is a fine-able offense.
  • Push button Privacy locks are the only thing provided on your bedrooms. If you have keyed lock on your door upon move in, then the previous tenant left that and left a key also.  We will leave that for the new tenant if you would like but you must also leave the key when you move out.  If a key is not left, we will replace the lock with a privacy lock and tenant will be charged for the cost of the privacy lock.  We do not carry a copy of any lock that is on your bedrooms.  If you do put a lock on your bedroom door, we encourage you to make multiple copies and hide a key somewhere in your unit so you don’t accidently lock yourself out.
  • Your Internet hookup starts with the provided cable modem. Make sure the cable line in the living room is attached to the modem, the power plug is attached to a wall outlet, and the attach your own router or wifi access point to the Ethernet cable. You are responsible for your own internet setup.   We can only guarantee that a high speed internet signal is coming thru the coax cable in the living room to the cable modem.  After that, you must take it from there.
  • Make sure you use carpet pads or something similar under your furniture legs on the hard flooring. Doing so will prevent scratches and dents in this floor which are very costly.  You are responsible for any damage to this expensive flooring.  If you need some of these carpet pads for your furniture, please e-mail us and we will deliver some to your unit.
  • Parking: Parking passes are required for all residents.  Residents are responsible for informing their guests of where the visitor parking is located.  Tenant cars with parking permits are not allowed to park in Visitors parking spots.
  • Make sure you have filled out your Repair and Damage reports within 5 days after move in and that they are turned in accordance with the information on those sheets.
  • Utilities are monitored and tenants are expected to use them responsibly. Report any water drips immediately via our online work order system, the same tenant portal you use to pay rent.   This prevents a high water bill.  In addition, responsible use of your heating and cooling is expected.  Please keep the thermostat no higher than 72 in the heating season and no less than 70 in the cooling season. Use only Compact Fluorescent or LED light bulbs in all fixtures.  Usage overages of utilities will be billed to tenant accounts.
  • Make sure you use the online tenant portal to pay your rent. If paying monthly installments, rent is due on the first of the month and there is a $5 per day late fee.  Monthly installment payees are required to use the Auto Pay recurring payment option so that the payment is made automatically from your savings, checking, or credit card account.
  • Need to get a hold of us? Magnet on your refrigerator has all the information.  Website to file work orders, e-mail to ask financial or general questions, and an emergency phone # for something urgent.  Only use the emergency phone # if the issue threatens damage to property and cannot wait til regular business hours and when calling that number you MUST leave a message with your name, number and location of the rental unit.  This will page our on call emergency maintenance personnel.  Of course, If an emergency that requires fire, police, or a medical emergency, always call 911.
  • Renewing your lease is easy. When the time comes for making a decision of where to live for next year we hope you consider staying with us at University Townhomes.  We have many renewal options available including renewal of your whole group, a partial renewal where some in group move on and you have replacements for them, or roommate placing if you want to combine with other partial groups in the complex.  Let us know your intentions by the established renewal deadlines.  It is important to communicate with our leasing manager during the renewal process.
  • Questions?  Contact us at