University Townhomes Move in Information

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Tenant Meeting Video (Mandatory viewing)
Damage Form
Repair Form
Online Resident Login (Tenant Portal)

Updated 5/23/2018
Move in Packet Information – Please review all items carefully. Share this with your PARENTS please.

ALL TENANTS READ FIRST: The first thing you will want to do upon move in is fill in the Move in Damage reports and the Repair sheets. Please make sure you put items on the correct sheet. 

Early Move in Requests:   Your “official” move in date is the start date of your signed lease agreement – 8/20/2018. Our response to your question “When can I move in?” is as follows:   If you cannot be flexible regarding your move in date it is the beginning of your lease 8/20/2018. If you are able to be flexible… make sure you check your email each day – probably around 10pm each evening from 8/10- 8/18 — the day before the town house has been made ready for your move in, you will be sent an email from me letting you know that your town house is ready for you and all instructions.

Move in Damage Reports are items that are either non-repairable or do not require repair (i.e. frayed carpet, stain in tile, chip or burn on countertop, etc.). This list is for your piece of mind so you have it documented and can be sure you are not charged.  We have already documented such items, but it is good practice for the tenant to do it also. LINK to the DAMAGE FORM to review, but they will be provided upon move in also.

Repair Sheets are items that need to be fixed. We have done our best to repair everything we found.  However, if you find something like a broken light, non working appliance, dripping faucet, etc.., please put it on the repair sheet.  There are some items we are aware of but have not been addressed yet because we are awaiting on parts and/or correct repair guy to come and fix it (in some cases the parts may even be there awaiting install).  You can mark those on the repair sheet also just to make sure. LINK to the REPAIR FORM so that you can review, but they will be provided upon move in also.  Please do not call TPM Management, Inc or file work orders with these minor repair items yet. Most of our staff will be in getting other rentals ready in another complex during your move in.  Put the repair items on the sheet and we will collect and review them with you during the mandatory tenant meeting, and then schedule the work.   

Mandatory Tenant Meeting Video:  Please review the mandatory Tenant Video for information on the operation of the unit.  Lots of tips & tricks on how certain things work in the unit and reminders on how to care for things in the unit.  Information on Parking Permits will be forthcoming AFTER move in. Towing policy does not go into effect until after the first week of school. Tenant Information Sheets will also be in the paperwork your receive at Move in. 

ONLINE Tenant Portal: Please make sure you can login to your ONLINE RESIDENT LOGIN.  You should have received an e-mail with a link and your credentials to your Online Rental Account.  That login allows you to see your rent balances, payments, make payments, file maintenance work orders, etc…  Please make sure you save the credentials so that you can return to the site to do all of these tasks.  All work orders (expect for the move in repair list to be collected at the tenant meeting) will need to be filed using the online tenant portal.  If you have not received the login credential e-mail or need it resent, please e-mail:

Frequent Asked Questions and Miscellaneous Info:
Rent Payment: We recently emailed your first rent statement based on the rent payment option you chose. If you did NOT receive your statement please reply to this email so that we can ensure that we have the correct email for you and get a statement to you. Please remember, rent due dates are based on the rent option that you chose.

Why do I have to pay rent before I move in? Each of you signed your lease agreement, and I hope, read that lease agreement, as it was clear what your due dates are for rent. The property owners chose to require all rents to be pre-paid. Again, if you do NOT get your rent statement via email, please let me know.  You are not allowed to move in until all rents due are paid.  For those using Student Loan/Financial Aid please review our policy on extended due dates.  This Financial Aid Policy is on our website.

We recently emailed your user ID, Password and link for your ONLINE TENANT PORTAL. It is VERY important that you bookmark this page and remember your User ID and Password. While you can pay your rent on this site, this website is also where you will login to request service. All repair requests must go thru this system and is your quickest way of getting repairs made.

Will I get a statement reminding me to pay my rent? Yes, any time a charge is posted to your on-line account a statement will be emailed to you.

Where can I get my keys? Once you receive the email that your town home is ready for move-in, your keys will be on the counter the morning of your move in. You will receive one key to the town home per resident. We do not have keys to the bedrooms. Residents are allowed to remove the bedroom door handle/lock and install their own door handle/lock so that they are the only one with a key to their own personal space.  The original door handle and lock must be put back on upon your move out.  We are not responsible for your bedroom keys if you chose to put your own lock on.

Do I need a parking pass? Yes. The parking pass information and website is now active. Parking pass forms must be completed ONLINE and submitted no later than September 1.  Permits will be distributed the week of September 4.  The parking pass fee is $25 and only the lease holder may have a parking pass.

What do I need to bring? Bedroom furniture, bathroom necessities, plunger for the toilet, shower curtain, and furniture for the common areas such as the living room/dining room – but be sure to coordinate with your roommates for the common areas.

Can we make an appointment to come see our town home? This time of the year we prefer not to show the town homes. So many of our residents, just like you will, have gone home for the summer. For this reason, many of the bedrooms are locked. Additionally, with so few of our residents around we prefer not to go in and out of their homes with people they don’t know. If you have NEVER seen the town homes we will make exceptions of course.

Will the cable/internet be working upon our move in? All apartments/town homes have basic cable and internet services. If you want more channels or a DVR box you can contact Time Warner Cable directly at 1-877-772-2253 after 8/15/2018 to upgrade your service (TWC will bill the town home directly for the upgraded service and tenants are responsible for payment of any upgraded services). If you upgrade service please make sure to discuss and agree with ALL of your roommates. When speaking with the TWC customer service representative just explain that you are on a bulk account with University Town Homes, give your unit address and let the customer service rep know that you wish to upgrade the service. All bedrooms have a cable outlet as well as the living room.

You will need to bring a router to use the internet wirelessly. We have provided the modem which will be located in the living room of the town home.

Do I need to put any utilities in my name? No, all utilities are paid for through your lease agreement. If you want more than the cable/internet services provided you may contact Time Warner Cable for that after you move in.

Do I need renter’s insurance and if so, why? As per your lease agreement, you are required to have renter’s insurance. Most all insurance companies offer renter’s insurance and it can even be added to a parent’s home owners policy. Any damage due to resident abuse/misuse, etc. is the financial responsibility of the tenant. In addition, the coverage of personal belongings of the tenants will be covered under renters insurance. The owner is not responsible for the cost of any damage, no matter the cause, to tenant owned items.

What happens when I move in if there is a problem with the town home I moved into?  Please add items to the REPAIR sheet that will be provided during move in.  It is part of the paperwork that will be on the kitchen counter.  List the items that need repaired and someone will collect that sheet and schedule the repair in a timely matter.  Do not call or file online for this initial repair list.  From that point forward, you will use the online work order system.

I’ve called you 3 or 4 times and you never answer the phone?  We are NOT ignoring you. From July 15 – August 24 we are difficult to get in touch with via phone due to the number of calls coming in and our entire staff is out overseeing everything done on the many properties that we have for students. Our number one goal is to get the town homes ready for you to move into. If you call and we do not answer please leave a message with your phone number. We can’t depend on caller ID to know who we are calling back so if a message is not left, we do not return the call. If you leave a message we will return your call within 24-hours of your call.
It is highly recommended  to e-mail us instead at as all of our managers can more easily respond from out in the field via e-mail.