Riverview Apartments Move-In Information

Please review all information carefully well in advance of your move in to Riverview Apartments

Your apartment located at 250 S River St., Apt _#___, Kent, OH – The Riverview Apartments   will be ready for you to move in on ____<<LEASE START DATE>>  after 10am! Please read all move in information so that you know how to report any problems.

  • Keys – your keys will be on the kitchen counter, including your mailbox key.  The apartment will be unlocked at 10:00am for you to begin moving in.  If you will have roommates, the first one to enter the apartment is responsible for making sure all other roommates have access to the apartment to get keys – so, communicate with each other.
  • The move in repair and damage forms will be on the kitchen counter with your key and other important move in information.  The move in REPAIR form is used for you to list items that need repaired (i.e. a loose door knob, blinds repaired, or other items our maintenance crew may have missed).  The move in DAMAGE form are for items you just want to make us a aware of so that you don’t get charged on move out (i.e. a mark on the floor, small dent in the wall, scratch on the cabinet or refrigerator, etc..).  Within 5 days after move in, please place both these forms into our complex Dropbox, or drop off at the rental office located on the complex if someone is there. We will get to the items on your repair form in a timely manner.
  • Internet / Cable – both the internet/cable are connected and ready for your use.  The Ethernet jack in the living room has Internet on it and is ready for you to plug in your own router. Make sure you plug the Ethernet cable from the wall to your routers WAN port.   The TV needs to be plugged into the included cable box.  Plug your TV into the HDMI port on the cable box.
  • Electric and Gas Service: NOTE:  The address for your unit as listed with the Gas company and Electric Company ARE DIFFERENT.  Know this when calling and follow the below format!
    • o Electric Service – you must have called Ohio Edison at 800-633-4766 to transfer service to your name 3 to 5 days PRIOR to your move in.  If you do not do this you will have no electric service on move in day.  The unit address for the Electric Company to properly setup this account is 250 South River St.,  A <BLDG><NUMBER>  Kent, OH 44240. 
    • o Gas Service – you must have called Dominion Gas at 800-362-7557 to transfer service to your name 3 to 5 days PRIOR to your move in.  If you do not do this, you will have no gas service on move in day. The unit address for the Gas Company to properly setup this account is 250 River St.,  <BLDG><NUMBER>  Kent, OH 44240. 
  • Tenant Meeting – Please review the tenant move in video/information sheet provided.  If you need a personal meeting scheduled to go over the operation of the unit, please contact the property manager right away.
  • Laundry Cards to use the on-site laundry facility please request a laundry card.  They are provided upon request only.
  • Parking permits are distributed after you have filled out the online parking permit form.
  • ONLINE Tenant Portal: Please make sure you can login to your online tenant portal.  This is where you will pay your rent electronically and file work orders down the road.  Your credentials were sent to you when your lease was setup in the system.  Let us know via e-mail if you need credentials resent.
  • IMPORTANT REMINDERS:  Lock your car doors, lock your apartment door, do NOT use Draino or drain cleaner products in the unit, do NOT pour grease down the drains PLEASE.  Be careful what you flush down the toilets (no paper towels/feminine products/etc).  Please empty your mailboxes regularly so that junk mail does not pile up(even if you do not want or expect any mail).  Once your mailbox is overfilled, the Postman will stop delivering to your mailbox and returns all mail back to senders.  This could be an issue for that one will need an important letter/package so please keep your mailbox cleared.

 During this VERY busy time of year, we ask that you e-mail us all questions & concerns. 

 Our e-mail is manager@TPMmanage.com