University Townhomes Parking Permit Application


Welcome to the University Townhomes 2017-18 Parking Permit Application page!
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University Townhomes Parking Permits are for residents only and the cost is $25.  It is an easy 3-step process so please follow each step carefully.  You must APPLY, you must PAY the permit fee, and then you must POST your parking sticker on your car.

Please fill out the online APPLICATION FORM.  After filling this out, you will be returned to this page.  Application filing deadline is September 5 for you to get approved and receive your permit in time before towing enforcement occurs on September 8.


Pay the $25 parking permit fee.  You will not receive your permit and your application will not be approved until the fee is paid.  Pay the fee now via our PayPal processing (CLICK the BUY NOW below).  You do not need a PayPal account to use this method.  PayPal is merely our credit/debit card processor.  In addition, they can process using a savings or checking account number. Reference your last name and unit address in the “Note to merchant” when paying this method. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, then please put your payment in an envelope clearly marked with your name & unit address and put in the complex DROP box located by the front mailboxes.  Make sure you do not put this in the outgoing USPS mail, but rather the dropbox.  Also, make sure you reference your name and unit address in the memo field of the check/money order.

FYI,…The charge for the permit by using the online pay will be processed by “Manning Properties, LTD”.

Your parking permit will be approved upon verification and you will receive your parking permit, delivered to your unit prior to the towing enforcement as long as you apply 72 hours prior to the enforcement date.  Please refer to the proper places to park, and to tell your visitors where they can park without a permit.  Towing is strictly enforced so be warned.  Tenants who park in visitors spots because they did not get a permit will be TOWED.  Management knows which cars are tenants and which are visitors.  Parking is monitored by our Closed Circuit camera system and when a car is consistently parked in visitors parking, it is deemed a resident car and will be towed.

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